the high desert model home in process

linda visits the house with our 2 month old daughter
Oleana for the first time

with the structrual frame and roof complete, wood framed
walls are infilled to enclose the outdoor fireplace wall and
the mechanical equipment closet. wood nailers are also
added to the perimeter of the roof for the purposes of
attaching the finished metal fascia at the visible edges.

with the roof decking complete, I returned to attach the
stainless steel cable "X" braces. these elements are used
to resist lateral forces such as wind or earthquake. snow
is visible in this picture as white dots caught by the
camera flash.

view of the house from the driveway entrance

with three friends it took 2 days to complete the
roof decking

the pieces are then screwed down to the aluminum
beams every 4" on center, and also attached together
along the lap joints at 3' on center. The entire 1,500
sf of roof took about 1,000 screws.

the structural roof is made of 20 gauge steel decking.
Each piece in this design is 2' wide by about 18' long.
It takes three people to lift the pieces into place. the
galvanized underside surface of the steel decking will
be the finished ceiling of the completed house.