the high desert model home in process

"jumping" cholla

another day of work winding up just at dusk.

as this image shows, the panel arrays float cantelievered just above the
roof. each array is located above a courtyard and the south-facing array
also acts as a shade canopy for the front court.

the solar mounting rack is our design, using smaller sections of the
same type of bosch extrusions. it is designed to "float" the panels
above the roof in order to better transfer the structural loads to
the ground and to minimize any roof penetrations that normal
roof-mounted solar systems would create.

our off-grid system includes 8 solar pv panels by Evergreen. they are mounted
to the bosch structure in two groups of 4 panels.

the solar pv system includes two inverters, a 24V transformer, DC breakers,
and assorted controllers to maximize our battery use and to convert the
power from battery-stored DC power to conventional AC.

since our house is off-grid the solar system includes 16 heavy duty batteries connected in serial

the bulthaup kitchen island is the only object in the kitchen.
we didn't want any tall cabinets or tall appliances in order to
keep the space as minimal and pure as possible. we therefore
substituted a more conventional type cabinet-island by
bulthaup for the more open-type bulthaup workbench since
all of our kitchen storage and appliances would need to be
located below the countertop. the refrigerator is a zub zero
two drawer refrigerator that is designed for lower-cab

the house slipping into the landscape.... the materials and shapes
are a big contrast, but the massing of the house hugs the ground.

the bulthaup cabinets have arrived. we have opted for a bulthaup
upgrade while eliminating the tall kitchen cabinets. everything in
the kitchen will be below counter height including the refrigerator

the black pipe hanging out of the ceiling is our
fireorb chimney. the fireorb hangs entirely from
the ceiling while the mouth of the fire-opening
can be swiveled to any direction in the living room.

the bath is located so that the large sliding glass door can
open for outdoor bathing. the orange 3Form backsplash is made
of recycled water bottles and makes a shelf for soaps and