the high desert model home in process

the exterior envelope of the house is complete. now we focus
on interior details and the solar energy package

white polygal cladding is attached to the mechanical closet
and the fireplace closet

cladding is being installed this weekend. a small
mock-up of the plastic polygal sheathing is being
tested for appearance on the outdoor fireplace wall.

this view shows the master bedroom closet cabinets
in the foreground and the guest bedroom/bathroom
cabinets in the distance. glass storefront doors will
be installed between the rooms once the cabinets
are completed.

this view shows the back of the guest bedroom cabinets
and the plumbing chase in the bathroom. the plumbing
will be covered by an orange 3Form wainscotting piece
(which will also form a small shelf) above which will be
a mirror that continues to the ceiling and covers the
cabinets "wall to wall"

the flat pak cabinets are assembled in place and
connected together to create privacy "walls" between
the bedrooms and the bathroom

the view through the entry court and living room

the entry court and kitchen. visible on the floor of
the kitchen are stacks of the flat pak cabinets for the

the reflection and transparency create interesting
combinations in different lighting conditions.

this image shows the glass wall in front of the
living room. temporary metal clips are visible in
each silicone joint.

the glazing crew installs the cap piece on
the aluminum header that holds the glass in place.

the glazing crew installs all the fixed panels.
they will be butt glazed which means that there
is no aluminum frame between panels -- only
a thin line of black silicone.

this picture shows the fixed glass sill at the slab
with the flashing piece and the aluminum angle
jamb which is co-fabbed onto our customized
sliding glass door jamb in the factory.

The fixed glass system track fits into our structural
aluminum system to make a better water and wind
barrier while also dictating to the installers precisely
where the glass wall is to be placed.

the glass installation begins! our glass storefront
manufacturing partner has prefabricated all the parts
of the glass enclosure system and delivered it to the
site. the local glazing company installs the parts in
rapid succession strictly on an hourly basis. the
installation time is relatively short because nearly
everything is pre-cut for easy placement. in this
picture the sliding glass door in front of the
bathroom is being installed.

The finished roof is a fiberglass mesh encapsulated
in a white rubberized sheet material. The white surface
is great for passive heat gain controls as it reflects a huge
amount of the sun's energy before it can heat up the structure.