the high desert model home in process

a beautiful three day rainstorm visits the high desert - snow in the
mountains just above us.

the house sits on 5 acres of high desert hillside -
it's the place we go to clear our minds.

it is so remote that it has to function off-grid with
green technologies.

new curtains for the house designed and fabricated
by Elodie Blanchard ( the
curtains are sheer to allow trace views to the landscape.
white to reflect the sun's heat in summer

the guest bedroom curtains

the master bedroom curtains are felt - sewn in narrow panels
to create a hinged pleat. we decided to make the curtain large enough
not only to cover the glass doors to the courtyard, but also to act
as our privacy door to the hallway.

snow in the mountains just about 500 feet above us

on one hand, getting reading for an early morning hike. on the other
hand, breakfast for the baby.

the essential paradox of glass...

putting the kids to work in the garden

holiday supper in style

living room, dining room, and kitchen fully furnished

our new couch finally arrived - there's nothing so civilized
as a good couch

christmas lights on our courtyard oak