the high desert model home in process

form boards are set by the concrete contractor prior to digging the footings. the picture is taken from the head of the stair leading down to the entry court through the trees.

the 2,500 gal domestic water tank installed on top of the hill above the pad. the trench is for the water supply line to the carpark where the water truck will stop to fill the tank.

this view is from the path leading from the future carpark. at the level section in the path we will install a 2,500 gal domestic water supply tank. at our site we will need to eventually drill a well about 300' deep. until then we will have to have our water hauled by truck.

from the pad down to the road, the spoils from the cut were spread out to create a temporary driveway for construction vehicles. once the building is finished, the road will be erased and access to the house will be from the carpark beyond the hill at the rear of the pad.

a good view of the cut in the hillside we made for the pad. notching the building into the hillside will help screen the building from the road and also help to minimize winter winds coming from the North (top of hill)

linda standing in the future kitchen

a view of the cut for the pad looking back towards the carpark and future water tank. the entry court is visible as an orange outline in the middle of the image

standing in the future fireplace courtyard. the tree will remain as an ornamental element and sun/wind break for the courtyard.

May 31st

Submitted Permit Drawings