the high desert model home in process

the house now feels complete with the pattern and curtains installed.
it feels like a home.

now that the patterns are applied, we turn our focus towards the
landscape work. on the left of the image traces of the construction
driveway remain. we will begin to reshape and plant this area to
help it blend back into the desert.

a little sweeping up after some visitors. 30 people from the
houston art museum visited today

the front door with the finished pattern

the far kitchen wall will also be covered in the pattern all
the way to where the curtain hangs

the design as seen from the entry court. we want to screen the
view as you move towards the house so that the view isn't revealed until
entering the house proper

the first two Sarah Morris / Liam Gillick panels were installed -
the second panel is visible draped over the chair, still attached
to the transfer tape