the high desert model home in process

the threaded rod sticking up is the tail end of the wedge-all
anchors. They will be cut off with a grinder 1/4" above the nut.

by using come-alongs to pull the pieces into square, I was
able to come back by myself the day after assembly to
prepared the structure for attachement to the slab.

a sunset peek

the house is tucked into the hillside and just peeks
over the hill

it took 1 day with three friends to erect the entire aluminum
structural frame

2x4 rakers are placed to shore up the structure until
it is braced and secured to the slab

The structure is built upside down in parts and then tilted
up into place

The entire structural frame is made of strong but
featherweight aluminum by Bosch. Normally the Bosch
system is used for automated assembly line robots and
test-benches but we discovered that it would be perfect
as the rust-proof lightweight structural system for a
small house. Every piece can be lifted into place by
two men.